Save money & reduce your business costs

Looking for opportunities to reduce your energy consumption and overall business costs? If your business is a user of compressed air, an Air Audit is an opportunity to make a substantial impact on your bottom line costs. Returning huge savings to the bottom line of your business not just once, but year after year.

An Air Audit can identify inefficiencies in your compressed air system and assist with entire system performance optimisation, leak reduction and practical air management processes. Not only will you reduce power consumption you will also reduce compressed air system load and wear and tear, which in turn will extend the life of your entire compressed air system.

  • Waste less air
  • Produce less air
  • Reduce compressed air system load
  • Save money

The more compressed air you use the greater your potential savings are.

Some simple facts

Never before has manufacturing business been under so much pressure to deliver more value for less cost. With increased competition due to market globalisation, it is more important than ever to ensure your bottom line costs are kept under control in order to remain viable.

The old saying the only certainty in life is death and taxes still rings true. Now however there are other certainties the manufacturing industry must also consider

  • Global energy prices will continue to spiral
  • The implementation of a carbon tax is imminent
  • Power consumed in producing compressed air will have an increasing impact their bottom line
  • Inefficiencies in compressed air systems typically account for up to 30% of energy waste

Energy costs are rising

The Australian Energy Market Commission forecasts most Australian states and territories face nominal increases of up to 40% in retail electricity prices by 2013.

Don’t think carbon pricing will have an impact on your business?

If you think that just because your business is not one of the top 500 polluters targeted by the Federal Government’s proposed carbon pricing scheme that you won’t be affected by carbon pricing think again. The company that produce the energy you use to run your business probably is on the Federal Government’s top 500 list.

Do you think they will absorb the cost of carbon pricing into their business or pass it on to the user?

Directly or indirectly the carbon price will affect your business. Anything you can do to reduce your energy consumption will reduce your exposure to the added costs of carbon pricing to business.

Do you know how much CO2 is your compressed air system responsible for generating every year? Click here to use our Carbon Footprint estimator for a guide to just how much carbon your compressed air system could be generating every year.

You may be eligible for Federal Government assistance

The Government has allocated $200 million over six years to the Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program.

The program will assist food and beverage processing and metal foundries to embrace less emissions-intensive and more energy-efficient production processes.

Businesses that invest in improving their energy efficiency will benefit from reduced energy costs.

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What does compressed air cost?*

Total compressor rating kW's
Approximate hours run time per week
Approximate annual running cost

How much can be saved?*

*These calculations are intended as a guide to give an approximation on running costs of a compressed air system in a standard industrial installation. They are based on a duty rate of 70% and a ¢ per kW/hr cost of 0.078. For a more detailed calculation and evaluation please contact us for an obligation free assessment